How to fix a slow WordPress admin?

Your website was running fast and then all of the sudden, it is running super slow. 20 + additional seconds slow! 

What could it be? 

  • Is it a slow internet connection?
  • Is it a slow host?

In my case it was a plugin that all the sudden deceided to slow the website down.

So how do we find out which plugin it is?

The smartest approach is to install query monitor.

1. Install query monitor

Once you install query monitor you will see how long your page takes to load. In my case it was 17.84 seconds. 

Click on the query montor to bring more information

2. Analyse query monitor

As you can see there were many times outs caused by a .json file not found.  The SEO Press Pro plugin was the cause.

3. Deactivate the problem plugin

Once the problem plugin was deactivated, the speed improved 16.53 seconds to .092 seconds. 

For now I have it deactivated. I have emailed the plugin author to let them know of my findings and I will wait for their response.


It is a good idea to start the troubleshooting with query monitor to get more information.

You may find the cause to be completely different.