Setting up a Google My Business page is a must do for every business. 

What are the benefits of setting up a Google My Business?

The most important benefit is that your business will appear in the local search results when people search for your business. Let’s say you are a hairdresser and a customer searches for a hairdresser in google. Google will use the customer’s location to show hairdressers that are around their location. If your business is nearby, you will appear in the search results.

It is also free. Consider this as free advertising on Google.

What are the requirements of setting up a Google My Business?

Not every business can setup up a Google My Business. You will need to have a physical address that Google can post a verification letter. If you run an online store with no physical address then you won’t be able to set up a Google My Business. Also, PO BOX is not allowed.

What if I do not want people to know my address?

There is an option to hide your address. When you add your address, leave the following option unchecked. I also serve customers at my business address. (Your address will be hidden from the public if this box isn’t checked.)

Some say hiding your address will result in lower search rankings. This may be true. I will do further investigation into this and update this blog in due course.

How do I start?

It is very simple, visit and click on Start Now link that is located on the top right corner. You will need a Gmail account to Log In and then it is simply a matter of following the prompts. See our slideshow for the step by step process.

Wait For Verification Post to Arrive
Aproximately 6 days