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I am an expert in cleaning, securing, fixing and maintaining WordPress websites.
  • I quickly clean hacked websites
  • WordPress hardening
  • Ongoing WordPress protection
  • Enterprise-level 24/7 WordPress security
I charge a one-off $99 to cleanup a hack on any WordPress site, or can provide complete maintenance and security on our maintenance plans. I can start immediately.

No Fix No Fee Guarantee!


I’ve worked in and around technology for the last 25 or so years. I’ve seen a LOT of tech people. Peter is a rare breed; he has extraordinary technical skills he can apply to problem solving but he also can take a wider contextual view of the project. He’s awesome.


01 Feb 2020

Peter was fantastic to deal with and produced excellent results, going above and beyond to solve problems. Will definitely use Peter again in the future.


07 May 2020


Peter was fantastic. He knew exactly what needed to be done and other than literally a one line note, he really needed no detailed instructions. 


06 Dec 2019

One-off WordPress Cleanup

My WordPress malware cleans are a one-time clean up and that will secure of your WordPress website.

  • I take a full copy of your website and run it through our own malware signature database.
  • I remove the malware infection and hack from your site and in almost all cases can point out and fix the root cause.
  • I update all plugins & themes to patch existing backdoors to your website.
  • If any plugin or theme can’t be updated I will let you know and recommend alternative options that are more secure.
  • Installation of WAF firewall.
  • I request a Google re-index.

I am contactable by email and by phone for easy communication.

Total WordPress Security

In addition to an included initial scan and clean up (if required), my $60 monthly maintenance plans come with all of the following WordPress security features:

  • Monthly backup & update of all themes and plugins.
  • Installation of WAF firewall with daily monitoring of vulnerabilities.
  • I immediately patch against zero-day vulnerabilities and new alerts.
  • 24/7 remote monitoring of the uptime of your website.
  • I am available 24/7 to advise on security issues.

This is in additional all other hosting and maintenance benefits of my maintenance plans.

Use me for a one-time cleanup, or let me take complete care of your WordPress security, hosting and maintenance

How I clean hacked websites

I take a copy of your database and website files. I compare them to my own list of known malware signatures (over 15 million). I resolve the root cause and can help with after-effects of the malware such as requesting a Google re-index.

1. Place the order

Add your site to our system, through our quick online order system. Everything is completely secure.

2. Quick Response

I have a quick response time and I will fix your hacked WordPress website ASAP.

3. Guaranteed fix

I will work on your website and let you know once I am finished. You can communicate with me via email or phone.


The attack is almost certainly not targeted at your site. Websites often run the same software as millions of others, and hackers will find vulnerabilities that they can exploit en masse.

If you are running a popular WordPress plugin which has a vulnerability, it could be that your site is one of many thousands targeted that day.

If your website shared a hosting space with another site (for instance in one cPanel account), then this could be the reason. It’s unlikely that the web host at large has a problem but it’s not unheard of. We can investigate and diagnose for you.

Sometimes the vulnerability is enabled by the host having default weak permissions on file access, which enables a WordPress config file to be read across accounts.

Chances are you are either not dealing with the underlying cause of the hack. This could be two things.

First, it could be a vulnerability that keeps getting exploited. For example an out of date plugin or theme.

Second, it could be that there is some infected code you are not removing. Sometimes an attacker will exploit a vulnerability and leave a backdoor. They may then leave it many months before then using the backdoor to show an infection on your site.

I can scan through to find these backdoors.

WordPress is a frequent hacking target for several reasons. It can be extended with a vast array of plugins and themes, each of those extensions have code bases which are fully readable, and crucially it is extremely popular software. Hacking syndicates compete to find vulnerabilities and exploit websites, including your website.

Exploits usually manifest themselves either as a complete site defacement, or as a redirect to an external phishing site. However, sometimes a site may appear normal but actually have malicious content uploaded somewhere in the site code.

Yes, please call me on 03 9005 6440

I charge a flat $80 fee. You can also keep your website up to date with our monthly maintenance plan (from $60/mo).

I am from Melbourne, Australia.

Clean my website from Malware

No Fix No Fee Guarantee!