How to Improve your SEO

The more specific the topic the better the results!

Google loves to see content that answers a question.

Unique content that does not appear anywhere else on the internet.

Put the most important information at the top.

People won’t scroll if you don’t attract their attention in the first few seconds.

Keep things simple

You don’t need to overcomplicate the information. 

Answer questions

Got questionsSearch engines have answers.

Make the most of your webpage to answer questions that search engines will use.

Use bullet points

  • Draws attention to important information.
  • Improves the ability of the reader to scan information easily.
  • Communicates information efficiently.

Short sentences

Short and sweet is the best way to get the message across.

Use active voice and not a passive voice.

  • Active voice: John kicked the ball. 
  • Passive voice: The ball was kicked by John.

Improve the readability

Tools to help with readability:

Fast loading webpage

People love pages that load quickly. The faster the better.

Usability across all devices

The website needs to look good across desktop and mobile.

It is also important to get it to look good in tablet and mobile landscape.

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What makes good SEO?

Short URL structure

  • Keep your URLs as short as possible 
  • Group them into categories if you have a lot of information

Check your social media share previews

Make sure your website is ready to be shared on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest

A good title meta tag

  • Stick to a 55-character limit.
  • Should contain the keyword.
  • Be grammatically correct.
  • Short as possible
  • Specific as possible.
  • True as possible.

A description meta tag

Google almost always writes its own description snippet, even if you provide a meta description.

However to help Google understand your webpage it is good to include a meta description.


High quality backlinks

External links

  • Always link to an external website where you get your information from.
  • This helps with your web page credibility.
  • Open a new tab for an external link.

Internal links

  • Link to all your website pages in a structured logical way.
  • Create an anchor on the bottom of the page to jump to the heading.

Website Security

  • It is important that your website is secure and using https protocol.
  • A person will fell more secure visiting a secure website.
  • If a hacker compromises your website, google will block access to your website.

Privacy Policy

Terms of Service Policy

Refund Policy

Optimise Images

  • Use photos that you have taken yourself
  • Avoid using only stock photos
  • Use alt tags to describe the photo
  • Rename the filename to a description of the photo
  • Optimise the size of the photo to match the screen size of the device.

Remove SPAM Comments

  • Review comments that link to spam.
  • Respond to comments that contain questions
  • Respond to negative comments and try to help find a solution.

Quality check your SEO

There are things that we miss when it comes to SEO stucture.

It is good to use a free online tool to check your on page SEO incase you missed something.

Setup Google My Business

  • Use Google My Business to help with local search results.
  • Must have a physical address
  • Cannot be PO BOX

Once verified your business information will rank higher for local search results.

Find out more how to setup Google My Business and use it for local SEO.

Get Reviews for your business

  • Ask every customer to write you a review
  • Respond to negative review with a positive solution.

Add reviews schema to your pages

The CreativeWorkSeries schema can be used in the header of your webpage to get a star rating review on Google SERP results.

What you need is:

  • Google My Business (business profile)
  • A number of reviews (at least 5)
  • Schema code script (see below)
<script type="application/ld+json">

{"@context": "",
"@type": "CreativeWorkSeries",
"name": "Top Seo Tips",
"aggregateRating": {"@type": "AggregateRating",
"ratingValue": "5",
"bestRating": "5",
"ratingCount": "7"}


Modify the script to match your Google My Business review ratings and paste it into the header.

Domain Name

  • The domain name should be the same as your business name or brand name.
  • Australian businesses should have a or .au
  • Avoid many domains with the same content.

Find out more on what domain name to pick for your website.