Updated: 23/03/2024

Published: 10/06/2022

By Peter K

Various links to awesome web designing resources

Colour Schemes

Windows Software

  • Adobe Products
  • MS Office for Windows
    • Visit Masgrave (use the easy to install link follow the heart, I recommend Office 365 ProPlus for most features/modern)

    • After it is installed close out of the installer and then open the start menu search and type powershell, it has to be this and not cmd prompt

    • copy the following and paste in powershell then hit enter

      • irm https://massgrave.dev/get | iex

    • hit 3 to activate office, then 2 to activate office again and once that completes hit 4 to enable auto-renewal

    • optional – hit 0 to go back and then hit 4 to check activation status, it should say its activated for office

Remote Management – Alternative to Teamviewer

  1. Rustdesk (recommended)
  2. MeshCentral (use public server logon, it is a bit slow)

WordPress Plugins

Email Hosting

Bricks Builder

WordPress Malware Scanning Plugins

Type Scale

Direct Admin