Updated: 20/05/2023

Published: 16/11/2019

By Editorial Team

How to get dofollow Australian backlinks from directories

It is good to get Australian backlinks from websites with page scores of at least 4.

I have a list of directories that offer dofollow links.

It is very important you take the time to think of different content to submit for each directory.

Backlinks are important to increasing your domain score. They take time to create properly and there is no shortcut

Domain Score1:
Website Link:
Domain Score:
Website Link:
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Website Link:
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Website Link:
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Website Link:
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Website Link:
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Website Link:
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Website Link:

How to get Australian backlinks from writing articles

Source Bottle Logo

You need to create an article that has appeal to readers.

Don’t rush, it takes time to:

  • Research & understand the topic.
  • Reference external websites.
  • Create graphics.
  • Explain everything in a easy to understand method.
  • Update and improve the article.

Reach out to source bottle. You can be a source of information and get seen by journalists and bloggers.

Ask your friends who have relavent websites

We all have friends in different industries. Friends who know other friends.

Have a look at their website, if there is a page that is relevant to your website ask for a link.

Explain why the addition of the link is also beneficial to their website. 

  • For example suggest it may be a good idea to do a top 10 list of this product / service, can you include me in your list. 
  • Or if they have a list, ask the to include you to their list.

Try to get backlinks to other pages to your website. It does not have to be the home page.

Offer something in return.

Create content on competitors products

  • Compare competitors products
  • Create a top 10/20/100 list 
  • Create a review list of alternative products, with their pros  / cons pricing.

How to get sales and backlinks from your competitor's contacts

  1. Do a search on your product or service with Google or Bing.
  2. The adverts and the top organic results are your main competitors.
  3. Visit each competitor and look for who they have helped or their past projects.
  4. Contact each company that they have helped and introduce your product and service.
  5. After you have made a sale, and they are 100% satisfied with your product or service. Ask them for a link to your website

How to find your competitor's backlinks

The best free tool to check your competitor’s backlinks is

Neil Patel backlink checker

It can help you get ideas where to get more backlinks

Explanation of terms

  1. Domain Score – The strength of the website, higher the better.
  2. Backlinks – Incoming backlinks to the domain.
  3. Referring Domains – How many backlinks from unique domains
  4. Page score – The strength of the page, anything > 4 is good for your domain score.
  5. NF – No Follow links, these are usually paid links, forum links, directory links. They do not offer link juice. This means they will not add towards your domain score. They can still generate traffic for you

What is a good domain score?

  • 40 – 50 is average.
  • 50 – 60 is good
  • 60 + is excellent

You can also put your own website to check your own backlinks.

How do you increase your domain score?

There is not much information on the internet on how to increase your domain score as it is a tightly kept secret.

The things I would do are:

  • Unique content that gives the users answers to their question.
  • Backlinks from reputable websites and relevant content.
  • Unique links from different domains
  • Onpage SEO
  • Fast loading website
  • Mobile responsive

This is a long term game and it will require that you work on your website and update and improve it on a regular basis.

Google knows if the website is active or sitting dormant with old information

What are popular link building strategies


This is where you reach out to people and introduce them to your content.

Guest blogging

This where you write an article for another website & referencing yourself. Olala is an example of guest blogging. (Australian)

You can also search on google with the parameters subject + intitle:”write for us” to find other websites that accept articles.

Australian guest blogging websites


Non Australian guest blogging websites:

Fixing broken links

You have a great article on your website. Reach out to websites who have broken links and ask them to update the broken links with your new website.  Read this awesome ahrefs article about broken link building.

What are bad link building strategies

Unatural backlinks

This is where you reach out to people who create a lot of content on spammy websites to link to yours.

Link exchanges

This a great way to build up quality connections from similar industries. You can benefit each other if you both have quality content that can be used as external references.

There is a chance this can also backfire if Google deems this as an unnatural link.

I would be cautious about committing to any link exchange services that are not of a sponsored nature.

How to use Google alerts to get Australian backlink opportunities

Google alerts can email you new results on the internet of your chosen keywords.

Example Alerts Example benefit
When your alert is mentioned in a forum. You can be active in the forum discussion.
When a news article mentions your alert. You can contact the news article to share your similar story.
When a tender mentions your alert. It might be an opportunity for new work.
When your alert is mentioned in a competitor’s website It may be a new recent project and a potential new lead.

Alerts can give you opportunities that you have not thought of.

Use these opportunities to create backlinks to your website. 

  • You can set the alert to email you as it happens, once a day or once a week.
  • You can set the alert from all around the world or only from Australia.
  • You can set the alert to give you all the results or the best results.

You will want to play with different keywords to get the right balance of alerts sent to your email.


Should you buy links to increase backlinks?

No. It is against Google’s guidelines. However you can buy links that have the nofollow / sponsored rule as they do not count. Such links are in forms of advertising such as

They can help bring you traffic and paying customers without breaking the guidelines.

Can you rank high without backlinks?

Yes. I have seen websites with no relevant backlinks rank well.

I have also seen websites with relevant backlinks rank higher for certain keywords that previously were not ranking.


Should you invest in nofollow backlinks?

Yes, if they can bring you traffic then it is a good strategy to have, even if they are nofollow

Should I get backlinks from pages with low page score?

Yes, as long as it sounds natural and is not considered spam.

Even though a low page score will not do much for your domain score, it may in the future.